A successful 2014 Health Odyssey “ Let’s get moving”!

Salus Community Mental Health Services is one of the leaders in Ottawa providing mental Health services, guided by a holistic recovery model.

We don’t just talk about it – we do it at Salus.

2014 realized the exciting launch of our Health Odyssey Initiative: “ Let’s get moving!”. In addition to the weekly running groups and other activities something new and exciting was also added to this Get Moving program.

Each Thursday afternoon you could find a dedicate

d group of clients and staff practicing weekly Qi Gong exercises. Qi Gong is a series of gentle movements which generate good healthy energy within oneself and to others. This energy and enthusiasm filled the spacious , sunny activity room with 10 weekly sessions.

The glow on the participant’s faces attested to the benefits of this powerful series of movements.

Our year ended with a final offering, The Taking Care series. In this series Play Therapy was the method used . Clients and staff exercised to release stress appreciating their playful child – within.

There is a saying, “If it’s physical it’s therapy.”

Tuning into the body’s intelligence is an important part of recovery. Play and expression through the body is healing. The Taking Care group through its playful discussion and technique honoured our “ Let’s get moving “ initiative using mini-sports, brain exercises, breathing exercises , smile balloon toss, and other fun activities which kept staff and clients moving in an ongoing perpetual motion.

The three principles that guided the sessions were

  1. Presencing : sensitive caring attitude to self
  2. Connecting: Sensitive caring attitude to others and
  3. Playing: nourishing and an always FUN engagement with one another!

This series demonstrated that play is definitely not just for children!

Salus is proud to have ended the year having met our goal – keeping true to holistic recovery.

Stay tuned for more new and exciting offerings for 2015.

Lou Ann Barei
Salus Case Management