Salus Transitional Rehabilitation Programs

Acknowledged widely as a cutting-edge approach to recovery support, Salus Transitional Rehabilitation Programs assist adults recovering from mental illness while living in a neighbourhood setting.

Our innovative approach adapts programs to clients as opposed to clients adapting to programs and helps remove barriers to community integration. Currently being shared across North America, our programs have proven to be a highly effective approach that supports people who are leaving hospitals and having difficulty accessing mental health services.


  • Increased independence
  • Enhanced skills and capabilities
  • Success and satisfaction in future living situations
  • Expanded possibilities for wellbeing

Salus Transitional Rehabilitation programs go beyond addressing health, finances and food and focus on helping people work towards their individual goals. Programs provide clients with the opportunity to develop the skills and supports necessary for a more fufilling life in the community. Programs also help recreate more balanced family relationships, aid in strengthening natural supports and bring relief to families.


Services provided under the Salus Transitional Rehabilitation Programs are based on a psycho social and recovery approach. Client choice and voluntary participation are key ingredients of the program. Services are provided by a diverse and dedicated team of Salus staff members.