Salus Community Development Services

Salus Community Developers provide on-site support to tenants so that they can be successful in maintaining their housing and in rebuilding their lives. Providing onsite support allows tenants to problem solve or mitigate housing issues as they arise and before they become more problematic.

Community Developers also focus on community capacity building, identifying community leaders and addressing the overall wellness of the community.

Salus Community Developers provide support under three core service pillars that can vary according to the needs of the individual client and to the needs of their community.

  • Support the physical and mental health of individuals.

  • Help build independence and healthy relationships with immediate neighbours and peers.

  • Support the development of communities that recognize the contributions of all citizens.


  • Salus Shared Living – large, modern houses in Ottawa communities which offer supported shared living for adults with severe and persistent mental illness.
  • Salus Apartments – our Salus owned buildings offer independent living environments with individual and  community support for adults with serious mental illness.
  • Salus Partner Housing – apartments owned by  other housing providers and offering independent living environments with community support for adults who have a severe and persistent mental illness.

All Salus Ottawa permanent housing operates under The Residential Tenancy Act.