Vision, Mission and Values


Stable housing for everyone.


We create opportunities for adults with mental health and substance use health challenges, as well as behavioural addictions, to live independently by improving access to housing and a community of integrated support services.


Through mentoring and coaching we will create an intentional culture that promotes wellness and selfcare in our staff and clients to sustain and improve their recovery, resilience, fulfilment and productivity, while
maintaining physical, mental and emotional health.

Embracing Diversity
We will create a culture of respect, empowerment and trust to celebrate diversity of our people, and recognize their journey and lived experiences.

Quality Improvement
We will improve our services and programs to meet the needs of our clients and embrace the learning from each experience.

We will build a culture that brings people and teams together to explore ideas, gather feedback, and create lasting impact. We believe when the best people from all backgrounds are given the opportunity to work
together, the results are extraordinarily powerful.

We will meet our commitments to our community and take responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions.

Photo of three story home