Support Salus – Give Hope and Home

  • For nearly 300 Ottawa adults living with severe mental illness, Salus provides comfortable living arrangements in supportive environments, either as independent tenants or in transitional housing
  • The Salus model is changing lives everyday. Through the Salus model of supportive housing and support, adults with chronic and severe mental illness can find independence, recovery and the opportunity to enjoy a quality of life that many never dreamed was possible
  • Salus gives peace of mind to families who don’t have the means to support family members with severe mental illness
  • Salus give comfort to elderly family members who worry what will happen when they can no longer provide support
  • Every year Salus helps adults with mental illness transition from chronic hospitalization and homelessness to a life of hope and independent living
  • Salus creates “home” environments that encourage people living with mental illness to become more active, less isolated and part of a community
  • Salus provides two vital ingredients for adults with mental illness whose wish is for a stable and productive life – hope and home

All of this is made possible with your support.

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More Information

If you would like to find out more about our specific fundraising needs, or you have any questions regarding the giving options above, please contact Heather Brown at:

613-729-0123 ext. 2502
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