Home for Hope. Home for Good.

Salus – Where Hope Finds A Home

Salus Ottawa provides a permanent home of healing, health, and hope for men and women living with chronic mental illness and other severe life challenges.

Each year Salus supports people in their individual journeys from homelessness, hospitalization, and isolation to places where they can experience stability, independence, and happiness.

Through supportive housing, programs, services and community partnerships, Salus transforms lives, comforts families and builds stronger, more inclusive neighbourhoods across Ottawa.


Salus provides stable and supportive places to call home for almost 300 adults with chronic mental illness in the Ottawa area.

Salus housing and support services:

  • promote independence,
  • encourage recovery, and
  • provide opportunities to enjoy a quality of life that many adults with mental illness never dreamed they would have.

Salus has proven that the road to recovery best begins from home.

For tenants of Salus, their home becomes so much more than four walls and a place to sleep. Instead, the healing homes that Salus provides have proven to be an integral and effective first step taken in a long road to recovery. Statistics have shown that having a stable home environment is a key ingredient in recovery from long-term mental illness.

Salus is bringing comfort to families.

Salus not only supports adults on the road to recovery from chronic mental illness, they also help bring relief to families whose loved ones have struggled for years. Knowing that their sons and daughters or, brothers and sisters are living in stable, supportive environments brings peace of mind that they have long hoped for.

Photo of three story home