Salus Board of Directors

Salus is governed by a dedicated and committed volunteer Board of Directors who donate their time and expertise.

(Left to right)

Back: Glen Bailey, Chantal Albert, Lindsay Taub, Dwayne Wright, Sanjay Srivastava, Jean-Marie Ribeyre, Bernard Etzinger, Sarah Bertrand

Front: Michelle Comeau, Deborah Rowan-Legg, Paul Taylor, Camille Therriault-Power, Susannah Dalfen

Not pictured: Philippe Lachapelle, Michel Boulay, Timothy Moran, Harpreet Grewel, Myles Kirvan, Fiona Murray


Chair: Camille Therriault-Power

Vice-Chair: Deborah Rowan-Legg

Past Chair: Paul Taylor

Treasurer: Sarah Bertrand

Secretary: Susannah Dalfen

Member at Large: Michelle Comeau

Executive Director: Lisa Ker


Chantal Albert

Michel Boulay

Bernard Etzinger

Philippe Lachapelle

Sanjay Srivastava

Lindsay Taub

Fiona Murray

Myles Kirvan

Harpreet Grewel

Timothy Moran