Salus Community Development Services

Salus Community Developers provide on-site support to tenants so that they can be successful in maintaining their housing and in rebuilding their lives. Providing onsite support allows tenants to problem solve or mitigate housing issues as they arise and before they become more problematic.

Community Developers also focus on community capacity building, identifying community leaders and addressing the overall wellness of the community.

Salus Community Developers provide support under three core service pillars that can vary according to the needs of the individual client.

  1. Crisis Intervention: This can include suicide intervention, stabilizing tenant relation issues, assisting with tenant health and housing crises.
  2. Ongoing Support: This involves talking to tenants, identifying and encouraging community leadership while connecting tenants with community or internal supports.
  3. Community Development: Organizing tenant activities within the building, developing self help or skill development groups, linking with community activities, promoting tenant run meetings, encouraging tenants to build on strengths, exploring recreational activities and promoting healthy lifestyles.